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I started to collect the things I need to bring with me in the hospital during my delivery, I have already clothes for our up coming baby and for me I still need few things. So maybe tomorrow if I will not feel lazy I will going to shop the things I need since my […]

Junia moves a lot

It´s very seldom these days that I can able to sleep early in the night 11 p.m. Maybe to other it is not early anymore, but for me these months this is the early sleep I considered. I often sleep around 2-4 in the morning when my little one start to kick and do some […]

We visited hospitals

Since time is getting closer that Junia will pop out from my stomach, husband and I decided to visit the two big hospitals in our City to checked where are the deliveries rooms. We visited the two hospitals during weekend since my husband is working every weekdays. It was my husband´s idea to visit the […]

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