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Kid´s Style: Pink dress and boots

Pink headband from barbie Pink dress from Lindex Pink boots from Kappahl During Camilla´s 8 months old, I took few photos of her. I dressed her all in pink as you see. I think she look so adorable and cute. I just loves taking picture of her that sometimes she gets irritated and me? enjoying […]

Junia´s clothes

When I go to shop now a day, I never get the desire of buying new clothes for me because I know I can´t fit it anymore because of my big stomach. Instead my eyes always looking to the children section. I thought all baby clothes are really cute, and if I could buy all […]

not easy to find comfortable clothes

I am 30 weeks pregnant today, and I am having problem what to wear everyday since my stomach is growing every week now, and it is heavy and not easy to move. I need special chair to sit down. Did you know that I spend half an hour to find clothes which makes me feel […]

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