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Camilla was sleeping in the baby cart until we passed by a musician in the street playing with his drum, it was very noisy which made Camilla woke up. I just gave a glimpse to the musician because I thought he played well and I noticed he has a nomad drum case beside him. I […]

Football show

Yesterday, Camilla and my husband went to bed early but not me because I can´t sleep so I went to the living room and put on the TV and find some good show. When I changed the channel, and stopped to a football game and thought to watch it for a while. I went to […]

Hello Kitty

I just transferred the pictures from Camilla´s first birthday, and since it is Pink Friday I thought of sharing this hello kitty plates that I used during Camilla´s birthday. As you know, I made two preparation for the foods, children and adults foods. And for the kids I prepared sweet spaghetti, bread, and I made […]

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