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Camilla is growing fast

Camilla can stand on her own now without any help from us and soon she will going to walk and run, but before she does that we need to secure some of our stuff specially the things in our living room like for example our samsung led TV. She loves to stand in front of […]

We redesign our home

Camilla turned one year old last week, and now she starts to get curious and touch anything she sees. We have already moved some of our furnitures that can easily fall to her. We have also secure some electric stuffs and bought metal switch plate. We try to redesign our home to be suitable for […]

Maternity Clothing

Pregnant women can still look fabulous even if their tummies are already big. Looking for stylish yet inexpensive maternity clothes can be really stressful if you are experiencing morning sickness than usual so make sure that you already know what you are looking for before going to a maternity shop. Also buying maternity clothes at […]

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