Archive for November, 2011

Chatted to my old classmate

I was chatting this morning to my old classmate in the Philippines, and she is studying hard to get the Resort Clerk Jobs that she really wanted. We had a long chatted since my baby was sleeping. We talked mostly about her study. It was a long time since we chatted so I let her […]

Kid´s Style: Pink dress and boots

Pink headband from barbie Pink dress from Lindex Pink boots from Kappahl During Camilla´s 8 months old, I took few photos of her. I dressed her all in pink as you see. I think she look so adorable and cute. I just loves taking picture of her that sometimes she gets irritated and me? enjoying […]

First time crawling…

The passed days, Camilla started to crawl backward and then suddenly while we were in the living room she started to crawl forward. It was so great because husband was with us when she had her real crawl. I know it is not much, but we are so excited for our baby´s milestone. I filmed […]

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