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Any advice?

Time travel so fast! And tomorrow is already September the first. My husband´s birthday is getting closer each day and I am not sure yet what kind of birthday gift for him to buy. I have been to different kind of malls the last days, to get inspiration what kind of gift to give to […]

My baby in action

One day afternoon, when I was preparing my lunch meal, and I putted my baby girl on our bed while I was preparing my lunch. When I was in the kitchen, I make sure I hear sounds from my baby, because she used to make sounds a lot nowadays and I know that she is […]

First Ride

My girlfriends and I went to Liseberg the other day, and the first ride of my baby girl happened. I really don´t have any idea if she can already apreciate it. But through her action it showed that she enjoys it. There will be more riding for her the coming days.

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