She finally hold it

The past weeks, my little girl try to hold her hanging toys but she didn´t succeed. When she is playing, I always try to be beside her and just watch her, it just feel great to see how she can appreciate things now. It made me laugh sometimes because when she can´t grab her toys, she shouted and cried, maybe she is irritated because she can´t hold them. But one day, while I was watching TV and she was playing with her toys. And yes, she finally hold her toy, and I had a good shot, it made my day, I just felt happy what she accomplished that day. My baby is getting bigger now and she makes sounds a lot, and we are looking forward when she says the ” magic word ” mama or papa, doesn’t matter which one. We are so excited for that day.

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3 Responses to “She finally hold it”

  1. niNa Says:

    Wow, that is worth waiting for. Every milestone a baby accomplish is so fulfilling.

    Followed you. =)

  2. tejan Says:

    hehhe..exciting na jud when they starts to do something na:) way to go mommy shy:)

  3. January Says:

    ang laki na ni baby shy.. ang sarap ng feeling by just watching your baby grow each day..


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