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Which one?

Like you can see, the header of this blog doesn’t fits at all what is the contains of this blog. That´s why I am planning to change the header with a photo of the feet of my daughter but I can´t decided which one will suit well. So I am asking you which one will […]

chatting with in-laws

My in-law is a 20 minutes bus away from where we live. They have their own house and we live in an apartment in the middle of the City that´s why we do not have a car, besides it is also expensive to have a car park. Nowadays, my husband and baby Camilla are trying […]

Diamond is forever

When my baby Camilla is sleeping, I tried to relax by having my laptop with me in the sofa with a cup of cappuccino. Having my laptop with me, allows me to surf online for anything. I can search for a site which sale lady´s thing and I came across to this everlon site which […]

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