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I am running to be a hipopotamos haha…

I am almost five months pregnant now and nobody can´t stop me from getting bigger and bigger everyday, my husband use to joke to me that I am a hepopotamos haha. And my clothes are starting to be too small for me which means I need to do shopping so soon for maternity clothes. I […]

I won´t run anymore to catch the tram

These days I need to wake up early just to be in time to catch the tram going to my school because I can´t run anymore due to my big stomach and it is also dangerous for me to run, I could be fall in the ground and hurt my self and my baby. Before […]

UltraSound went well!!!

I and hubby was very happy for the ultra sound result lasts October. After we we´re confirmed that our baby is doing fine, my husband was relief from nervous, he told me how nervous he was for the ultra sound because this is time where the doctor can says if the baby is doing well […]

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