First Glimpse…

It was three in the morning when I woke up to went to the restroom, I started to feel nervous when I saw a red color in the toilet bowl, I went to the bedroom and I woke up my husband and told him what was I saw in the toilet bowl. When my husband woke up, he went directly to the computer and checked which hospital is open in that time, lucky he found one. I started to cry and worried for my baby, because I do not have any idea what was happening in my stomach that time. My husband called a taxi and after a minutes or so the taxi driver was waiting outside in our apartment.

Inside the taxi, I couldn´t stop my tears but tried to be calm as I can, I am sure my husband was very worried too, he just do not wanted to show it to me, instead he tried to comfort me as long as he can. Inside in the hospital was very quite nobody there except the nurse who interviewed me and took blood from me and she asked me to pee if I can. After that she lead us in the waiting area and wait there for a while.

Seconds, minutes, hour has went by, those minutes was the worst minutes in my life :(, I asked my husband to checked the doctor or the nurse because we have been waiting in the waiting area for more than a hour. And I was crying the whole time, and I do not know what to do, I felt helpless and I felt badly for my husband because I know he felt like I do that time he just do not showed it to me because he knows that I get strength from him.

Finally after a hour we met the doctor, and asked some questions again, and she decided to do ultra sound to me to see where was the blood from. And thank God after a second she showed to me the monitor TV where my baby is in the good health, and moving. That time I felt relief, I was crying and smiling the same time, I was so happy to see my baby moving inside in my womb. My husband was in the same room but she cant see me there was a curtain among us and my husband, and when my husband heard the doctor saying ” look she is fine ” he immediately asked ” what about me ” means can I see the baby too. And he came to me and hold my hands and look at the monitoring TV where our little angel is moving.

It was a scary time endeed, but we we´re thankful everything is alright with our little angel, instead we get the first glimpse of him/her.

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